The Slavic Literature Pod

I co-host The Slavic Literature Pod, a shelf-help guide to one of the most important—yet understudied—literary traditions

Three Fridays per month, Cameron Lallana and I dive deep into big books, short stories, film, and everything in between. Listeners get an approachable introduction to the scholarship and big ideas in the Slavic world.

We’ve hosted scholars, translators, and authors to people to provide an enriching and accessible listening experience to our viewers.

Recent Episodes

Life and Fate Read Along: Part 3, Chapter 32 The Slavic Literature Pod

Covering thoughts shared by some of our listeners on our Discord and on social media about Part 3, Chapter 32 of Vasily Grossman's Life and Fate. You can read our post about the chapter here.If you haven't already signed up to get daily emails reflecting on each chapter of Life and Fate, you can do so on our website.Be sure to follow us on Instagram and join our Discord to participate in the discussion.
  1. Life and Fate Read Along: Part 3, Chapter 32
  2. Aelita (1924) by Protazanov
  3. Life and Fate Read Along: Part 3, Chapter 31


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