My Writing


Gerasimovich, Mattingly. “The Rise of Socialist Realist Melodrama: Yakov Protazanov and NEP-Era Film.” NYU Jordan Center Blog, March 2 2023.

Gerasimovich, Mattingly. “Problems with Ritual: Dueling in the Works of Pushkin and Turgenev.” The Birch, Spring 2020.

Gerasimovich, Mattingly. “An Analysis of Women and Their Role in the Works of Maxim Gorky, Evgeny Zamyatin, and Mikhail Bulgakov.” The Birch, Spring 2019.

Research Contributions

CIA Covert Operations Set VI: The Truman Years, ProQuest, Forthcoming 2023

CIA Covert Operations, Part IV: The Eisenhower Years, 1953-1961, ProQuest, December 2021.


Gravy on a White Tablecloth.” Winter 2023 Collection. Ekstasis Magazine, 2023.